Bantu Gugushe

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John Wesley is the best..I thank God i chose to send my baby girl to John Wesley she turned to be an independent young lady who is working so hard..i am so proud of her and im so thankful to the teachers..proud mom

Pretty Soni

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John Wesley is the best school ever, and it taught me a lot - especially to be independent. I really don't know how to thank this school but it’s an amazing school with wonderful teachers and staff members and I would like my children to go to this school one day.

Lilan Corden-Lloyd

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I work at JWS and can proudly testify that it is a school of integrity - I can proudly recommend it to any parent who wants the best for their children's schooling.

Allen Wandah

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I have utmost respect for this school and I strongly believe that our country needs the school of such caliber.

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30 Bamboo Lane (off St.John’s Ave), Pinetown

P.O. Box 2407, Pinetown 3600

Call : 031 701 5603 | 072 952 2537

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John Wesley School

John Wesley School is proudly South African, applies Christian values, is independent, well managed, employs expert, dedicated personnel and is comparable with the best schools. For excellence in all things educational, it is the natural choice for discerning parents.

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