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Offering English medium instruction in a co-educational environment, John Wesley School produces young men and women with the knowledge, character and integrity necessary to become outstanding citizens and boldly face up to the numerous challenges with which they will be confronted in modern society.

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We encourage parents to share responsibility for their children’s education, and we look forward to a happy partnership with you and your family. 


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Mini-Newsletter 22 August 2017

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  • Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00
Mini-Newsletter 22 August 2017

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that the Social Cause Agency has selected John Wesley School Pinetown as one of seven beneficiaries of their new Charity Shop.

Our society has become one where the turn-around or life-cycle of goods, furniture and clothing has become relatively short. We have become a consumerist society where fashion trends and upgrades in technology usually dictate our spending habits. The goods we buy often replace perfectly good items which in most households are either stored, sold or given away.

Due to this trend, there is an increasing demand for second-hand goods, clothing, electronics and furniture in good condition at affordable prices.

Following the huge success of the Social Cause Agency Charity Shop at Paradise Junction Shopping Center in Sarnia, a second shop will be opened in our neighbourhood at Paige Place, just down the road from John Wesley School.

The Social Cause Agency will be taking over the Baby Bygones shop.

We are inviting the John Wesley School parents, families and friends to come on-board to support this fund-raising initiative by donating good used clothing, kitchen items, décor items, baby goods/furniture/toys, working electronic items, and unused furniture/appliances. Items must please be in good condition in order to re-sell. The items may be sent to school with your children, brought to the school at any time during the day or delivered to the Social Cause Shop at Paige Place from the 1st week of September 2017.

If the item you would like to donate is too big to be sent to school, please write a letter to your school class teacher and we will make arrangements through the Social Cause Agency to collect. All items donated on behalf of John Wesley School will be clearly marked so that the school benefits from the sale thereof.

A percentage of every sale of goods donated by the John Wesley School community will be paid to John Wesley School. The Social Cause Agency will retain a percentage from every sale to cover its running costs, therefore from a financial point of view John Wesley School will benefit significantly from all sales of goods donated on behalf of the school.

These are the organisations nominated by the Social Cause Agency that will be the beneficiaries of all profits made by the Charity Shop at Paige Place.

1. The Kloof and Highway SPCA

2. The Jes Foord Foundation

3. Bobbi Bear

4. Baby Hope House

5. Sizanani – Academy of sewing and Design

6. Sarda Durban – South African Riding for the Disabled Association

7. John Wesley School Pinetown

We will be taking all donations received from donors to the new shop on Friday 1 September 2017.

Please start sending you goods in as soon as possible.


Civvies Day – Friday 25 August 2017

On Friday 25 August 2017, we will be having a Civvies Day at school. Each child is asked to donate R10 in order to secure the privilege of wearing civvies to school. All funds collected will be donated to Tennyson House, a charity we have supported for a number of years. Tennyson House was established to provide care for orphaned and homeless children in the greater Durban area, especially young girls. We ask our children to rally in support of this very worthy cause and we also remind them to ensure that they observe the dress regulations that pertain to the wearing of civvies, of which they are all aware.

Thank you.

Darron Tarr Principal

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I have utmost respect for this school and I strongly believe that our country needs the school of such caliber.
Allen Wandah Grade Parent
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Allen Wandah - Parent
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