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John Wesley School is a Christian independent primary school that has served the Pinetown and greater Highway area in KwaZulu-Natal with distinction since opening its doors in 1977. 

Offering English medium instruction in a co-educational environment, John Wesley School produces young men and women with the knowledge, character and integrity necessary to become outstanding citizens and boldly face up to the numerous challenges with which they will be confronted in modern society.

The school has a strong team supported by the Board of Governors, parents and staff who all share a commitment to the children and their wellbeing.

We encourage parents to share responsibility for their children’s education, and we look forward to a happy partnership with you and your family. 


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Is your child spiritually fit?

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  • Wednesday, 17 May 2017 00:00
Is your child spiritually fit?

Are your children equipped to cope with the demands of modern society?

Do they attend a school that gives them the necessary verbal, emotional and spiritual guidance in order for them to develop a healthy and productive worldview?

John Wesley School in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal unashamedly promotes Christian values, whereas government schools and many private schools in South Africa have consciously excluded religious instruction and prayer in schools.

We believe in one God and that the way to Him is through a relationship with Jesus Christ, His one and only begotten son. We believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross for us so that we could live.

We believe the Bible is the book of life. We stand for love, grace, integrity, honesty, empathy and unshakeable moral values.

We stand for knowing the difference between what is wrong and what is right, how to treat people with respect and to value the contributions they make, and to be accountable for our actions.

We stand firm on the belief that without a faith in God our children will face a future devoid of purpose and direction.

We believe that a faith in a living God and a life lived by Christian principals will ensure our children become “spiritually fit” and emotionally intelligent to deal with the challenges facing them in the future.

Individual scriptures are selected each week and discussed in class. These are sent home for further discussion with parents. We encourage this as part of our learner’s journey on discovering the word of God, through the living bible.

As a Ministry of the Pinetown Methodist Church we maintain a strong link with the minister and staff of the church. They attend our staff devotions, assembly devotions, special events and welcome our learners to the church for special Easter and Christmas carol services - a tradition upheld since the inception of the school.

Ask yourself if it’s enough for you to be giving your child the moral guidance they need - or if you should partner with a school that will echo the love, care and spiritual direction you give them at home?

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John Wesley is the best..I thank God i chose to send my baby girl to John Wesley she turned to be an independent young ...
Bantu Gugushe Grade Parent
Excelled in
Bantu Gugushe - Parent
John Wesley is the best school ever, and it taught me a lot - especially to be independent. I really don't know how to ...
Pretty Soni Grade Past Pupil
Excelled in
Pretty Soni - Past Pupil
I work at JWS and can proudly testify that it is a school of integrity - I can proudly recommend it to any parent who ...
Lilan Corden-Lloyd Grade Staff member
Excelled in
Lilan Corden-Lloyd - Staff member
I have utmost respect for this school and I strongly believe that our country needs the school of such caliber.
Allen Wandah Grade Parent
Excelled in
Allen Wandah - Parent
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