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John Wesley School is a Christian independent primary school that has served the Pinetown and greater Highway area in KwaZulu-Natal with distinction since opening its doors in 1977. 

Offering English medium instruction in a co-educational environment, John Wesley School produces young men and women with the knowledge, character and integrity necessary to become outstanding citizens and boldly face up to the numerous challenges with which they will be confronted in modern society.

The school has a strong team supported by the Board of Governors, parents and staff who all share a commitment to the children and their wellbeing.

We encourage parents to share responsibility for their children’s education, and we look forward to a happy partnership with you and your family. 


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Celebrating 30 years of excellence 1989-2019

    Published in School News
  • Tuesday, 19 February 2019 00:00
Celebrating 30 years of excellence 1989-2019 Mr. Darron Tarr, Principal

2019 celebrates the 30th Anniversary of our official registration with the Department of Education. To mark this significant milestone for the school, which first opened its doors as pre-school in 1977, The Mercury journalist Linda Zakas, spoke to our school’s Principal, Darron Tarr.

LZ: What makes John Wesley School special / unique?
DT: The school began as and remains to this day a mission of the Pinetown Methodist Church. As such, we maintain a strong relationship with the church and there is much interaction with church ministers and staff members - a tradition upheld since the inception of the school. We employ dedicated and highly proficient teachers, administrative staff and general assistants, who add significant value to our school. All staff members are treated as equals and as a result, a tremendous family atmosphere prevails. Add to this a proactive, focused and intentional Board of Governors and the reasons for our tremendous success, and our established ability to attract both first and second generation learners, become evident. We offer an English medium, co-educational environment for children from the age of two years in our Grade 000 class to Grade 7 – and being an independent school enables us to very candidly express our Christian identity and ethos. Whilst we follow the CAPS curriculum, our progressive approach towards academics affords our educators the space to interpret the curriculum more freely and reach beyond it to add the quality that has become synonymous with John Wesley School. Teachers are treated as competent professionals and are encouraged to adopt other methodologies and aspire to the highest standards.

LZ: What are your expectations of JWS learners as they leave the school gates and enter high school?
DT: Learners need to outwardly convey their Christian values, a strong sense of self-worth, high self esteem and confidence. They must retain a keen sense of what is right and wrong and have the resilience to resist peer pressure – strong character qualities that have been instilled through the school’s clearly defined boundaries, its enforcement of discipline and its positive reinforcement methods of correction. This enforcement of boundaries and discipline takes place within a highly positive environment in which the sound of learning is punctuated frequently by prayer and devotion.
In line with our holistic, balanced approach to education, the school also offers a broad range of extracurricular activities that include cultural, sport and academic pursuits.

LZ: What are your hopes and dreams for JWS learners as they approach adulthood?
DT: My hope is that their years spent at the school would have instilled values that remain with them and continue to guide them into adulthood and throughout their lives. But more than that, I hope that they are able to express a collective consciousness that is geared towards the transformation of society; that they are proud, patriotic South Africans who are aware of the country’s challenges and are able to leverage their education to positively influence and improve the lives of others.

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John Wesley is the best..I thank God i chose to send my baby girl to John Wesley she turned to be an independent young ...
Bantu Gugushe Grade Parent
Excelled in
Bantu Gugushe - Parent
John Wesley is the best school ever, and it taught me a lot - especially to be independent. I really don't know how to ...
Pretty Soni Grade Past Pupil
Excelled in
Pretty Soni - Past Pupil
I work at JWS and can proudly testify that it is a school of integrity - I can proudly recommend it to any parent who ...
Lilan Corden-Lloyd Grade Staff member
Excelled in
Lilan Corden-Lloyd - Staff member
I have utmost respect for this school and I strongly believe that our country needs the school of such caliber.
Allen Wandah Grade Parent
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Allen Wandah - Parent
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