Who was John Wesley and what is Methodism (Methodist)?

John Wesley, after whom our school is named, along with his brother Charles was a founder and leader of the Methodist Revival which swept through Britain in the eighteenth century. Raised the son of an Anglican priest and himself an Anglican priest until his death, John was at the centre of a movement of spiritual revival.

Susanna Wesley, the mother of Methodism, raised her children intentionally instilling faith in them. By the time he went up to Oxford John was a strict, almost legalistic, Christian. He and Charles were both part of a group mockingly called the “Holy Club” or Methodists. These young men would meet daily for prayer and study, they would visit the sick and those in prison and engage in other works of charity. After a life transforming encounter with God, John knew that he personally was forgiven and spoke of his heart being strangely warm. After that time he devoted his life to preaching the Good News throughout Britain, calling people to repentance and holiness.

The Methodist revival, personified by the Wesleys has a number of characteristics: the importance of personal experience of the saving love of God, an intentional commitment towards growth in holiness and perfect love, a welcome for all and a sung theology. Methodism is not so much a doctrinal movement as an intentional way of life.

What does this mean for your child at a Methodist school: as a school community we are committed to the Methodist Rule of Life:
1. Do no harm: we seek to organise our school life in ways that ensures we do no harm to those around us, the environment and members of the school community. We will always act with integrity and honesty in all we do and will not support industries which are destructive to family and community life.
2. Do good: We will encourage learners to actively engage in projects and activities which do good: within the school and in the community more broadly. We will encourage our learners to make the world a better place by their service and love.
3. Stay in love with God: We will assist the learners to develop the practises of faith which will nurture and sustain their spirituality throughout life: Prayer and Scripture reading, worship, sharing their faith journey in fellowship, serving others and giving sacrificially.


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