The Remedial Unit at John Wesley School caters for learners in Grade 1 to Grade 4 who may need extra assistance with Mathematics and English.

There is a maximum of 8 learners per remedial lesson. This enables the remedial teacher to give individual attention where needed.

The Grade 1 learners receive remedial attention in their classrooms, whereas the the Grade 2 to Grade 4 learners are taken out of class for a double lesson in English and Mathematics per week.

The focus of these lessons is mainly on the specific areas/concepts that the learners have not grasped yet.

The learners do specific tasks to improve their comprehension, these include playing educational games, activities and written work.

Michelle Pretorius Remedial Teacher copyOur remedial teacher, Mrs Michelle Pretorius (pictured left with her learners) has over eight years’ experience in remedial teaching.

She is constantly updating her skills in this highly specialised area of teaching.

Mrs Pretorius creates a comprehensive remedial plan for each child by working closely with the child’s teacher and parents, as well as by consulting with specialists in the field.

She uses a variety of teaching and learning resources and, through her skills and commitment, ensures that all John Wesley School learners are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

A child participating in the Remedial Programme attends one hour of Remedial English and two hours of Remedial Maths per week.

These lessons are structured so that they do not interfere with regular classwork.


Some examples of the programmes used:

  • Prime Ed Comprehension Box and Books are used to improve the learner’s comprehension skills, reading and understanding on how to answer what is asked.
  • A fully equipped Reading Room is used to run a reading programme for Grades 4 to 7, to improve the children’s reading and comprehension skills. The SRA Comprehension Resource Box is also used during Reading Room lessons.
  • Alpha Board is a resource that helps the learners to spell words and make sentences.
  • A number of educational activities such as Maths Puzzles, Fun with Phonics, Build a Sentence and Fun with Fractions are also used during lessons to ensure the children enjoy learning.
  • Specialist consultants are needed at times to help children with specific needs. Among them are: Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Counselling Psychologist, Audiologist and Speech, Language Therapist and Kip McGrath.
  • John Wesley School has partnered with David Weekes (Educational Psychologist) who comes to the school to do assessments at a reduced cost to our parents.

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