Free play in a loving, structured environment

Yes! Children need to play. They need our unconditional love and protection. They also need structure, discipline and guidance.

John Wesley Pre-primary School knows how difficult it is to let go of your child, but for many of our parents, most of whom are working moms and dads, it has been comforting to know they have found a place that will love, nurture and prepare their children for the demands of their schooling career.

JWS PreschoolersChildren can attend John Wesley Pre-primary from as young as 2 years (potty trained) in our 000/00 class where our Early Childhood Development Programme allows for extensive free play activities in a structured, safe, hands-on environment.

This is the ideal option for working parents who want the best care for their younger children, especially if they already have older children at the school.

John Wesley School is an Independent School offering affordable education with Christian values that will nurture and develop your child’s learning skills throughout the Pre-primary, Foundation Phase and Intersen Phase.

The school prepares your child to enter high school as confident, productive and happy individuals with solid Christian values.


Why does my child have to do Grade R?

Children learn many valuable lessons in Grade R. Grade R helps children to get used to the school environment and it makes them feel at ease and used to what’s expected of them. That’s why it is strongly recommended that children go to the same primary school where they did Grade R.

Grade R also benefits children in these important ways:

• They learn social skills which they need for interaction in the classroom and to make friends.
• It teaches them to respect authority, to follow a teacher’s instructions and to control their emotions.
• It lays a foundation for reading, writing and numeracy.
• It helps to develop children’s hand-eye coordination and physical skills.

How can I help to make my child school-ready?

Let your child help you in the kitchen. It requires numeracy skills to measure ingredients. Read to your child every day and encourage them to read on their own. Invite guests over and encourage interaction with visitors to your home. Create opportunities for your child to play with other children and develop social skills. Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way to teach your child to think logically.

Moray Thwaites Pre PrimaryIs my child ready for school?

By the time children go to school they should be able to:

• Go to the bathroom on their own, and dress and feed themselves.
• Know and say their name and age.
• Follow rules.
• Play with friends, take turns and share.
• Have enough emotional intelligence to perform new tasks, cope with changes in their routine and control their emotions, which all require emotional intelligence.
• Express themselves using basic communication skills.
• Hold a pen or pencil, copy simple designs, write their name and recognise a few letters.

Grade R in South Africa. How does it work?

• In South Africa, Grade R is part of the department of education’s national curriculum.
A child must be at least four years old to be registered for Grade R and must turn at least five on 30 June of their Grade R year.
• Learners are taught their home language, maths and life skills in Grade R.
• While Grade R is not compulsory at the moment the department of education accepted a policy document at the end of last year that makes it compulsory.
• If introduced compulsory preschool education could lengthen children’s school careers from 12 to 13 or 14 years, depending on whether your child is in Grade R for one or two years. It’s not yet law but the department wants to make Grade R compulsory by 2019.

Why it’s important to determine whether your child is ready for school

The demands placed on the Grade 1 child are high. A child who enters the Grade 1 classroom without the necessary skills is likely to develop problems emotionally, behaviourally or academically.

Knowledge of the child’s strengths and weaknesses when they enter Grade 1 may be beneficial for understanding the academic performance of the child throughout their academic career. This knowledge may also be used to develop strategies to facilitate effective learning in the child.

Have your child assessed for school readiness at our first “Testing Day” in August 2017 to find out his or her strength and weaknesses.

  • Kindly contact our school admissions secretary, Mrs Hlongwana, on 031 701 5603 for more information on the school readiness assessment process and the tests we use to assess for school readiness.

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