John Wesley School's  LSEN Class (Learners with Special Education Needs) has no more than 16 learners.

These learners have been identified as having specific learning difficulties and are not coping with the level of academics in their classrooms.

LSEN Learners with Mrs Ngcobo in Veggie GardenThey are given work at their own level of understanding and work at their own pace, with guidance from a Specialist LSEN Class teacher.

The focus of the LSEN Class is the three main areas of learning, English, Mathematics, isiZulu, as well as Arts & Culture, Physical Education, Computer Studies and Life Skills.

In Life Skills they learn practical hands on activities such as cooking and gardening.

Learners who are consistently struggling with the level of academic requirements in their respective grades will be assessed by an Educational Psychologist to determine whether the LSEN Class would be an option for them.

Learners must be at least two or more years behind with their academic level and have repeated or be too old to repeat in the Phase to be considered for the LSEN Class.

Parents would be involved every step of the way and no decisions regarding their children are made without full understanding of this service offered by John Wesley School.

LSEN learners continue onto a LSEN High School where they will continue to learn the skills they will require to become productive members of society.

Many go on to FET Colleges to obtain their Matric Certificates.

Mrs Ntokozo Ngobo (pictured above with her class) is our LSEN Specialist Teacher. She holds a Primary Teachers Certificate, a Foundation Phase Diploma in Education (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) and an Inclusive Education Certificate (Embury Institute for Teacher Education)

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