Thank you for your interest in our school, you are making a wise choice for your children. Please find the Application Forms on the right of this page for you to download.

Please note the following and If you need clarity on anything, please contact Mrs Hlongwana.

• We have already held two Entrance Testing Days for 2020 in July and September 2019 and based on current calculations our Grade 1          classes are full.

• Parents are urged to please apply for Grade 1 and to secure a date for the Entrance Test to determine if your child is ready for Grade 1. We have limited space in our Grade R classes for 2020 and they are reserved for children who may not test ready for Grade 1 in 2020. Based on the testing results some applicants may be accepted into the school should they be within the appropriate age to repeat Grade R.

• A waiting list applies for all Grade 1 applicants for 2020. There is no guarantee of placement for all applications received once we are full.

• John Wesley School is an affordable fee-paying Independent pre-primary and primary school, a member of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa) and a ministry of the Pinetown Methodist Church. We do not receive funding from the Department of Education.

• I have attached our Fees Schedule for 2020.

• Please note, John Wesley School is not a boarding school.

• We accept children/toddlers from the age of two years in our Grade 000 class and we offer aftercare until 5:30 pm.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hlongwana should you require any additional information on 031 701 5603, via email or connect with us through our Website or Facebook page – John Wesley School Pinetown KZN.

Prospective parents are welcome to contact the school for a personal tour, as every day is “Open Day at JWS.”


"Educating our Tomorrow!"

Parents in the greater Pinetown community know that John Wesley School can offer their children the best in education and moral grounding.

John Wesley School Pinetown is a low-fee paying independent school and does NOT receive a subsidy from the government.

A strong Christian ethos, excellent leadership and motivated teachers all work together to ensure that each child performs to the best of their ability.

There is regular contact between parents and the School Support Team, Remedial lessons and an LSEN (Learners with Special Education Needs) class that caters for children who struggle in mainstream schooling.

Prospective parents are welcome to contact the school for a personal tour, as every day is Open Day at JWS.”

You are welcome to request a tour of our school and its facilities – we do not have “Open Days” Every day is “Open Day” at our school.

We like to take our parents on a tour during a normal school day.

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30 Bamboo Lane (off St.John’s Ave), Pinetown

P.O. Box 2407, Pinetown 3600

Call : 031 701 5603

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John Wesley School

John Wesley School is proudly South African, applies Christian values, is independent, well managed, employs expert, dedicated personnel and is comparable with the best schools. For excellence in all things educational, it is the natural choice for discerning parents.

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